Curriculum Vitæ

Cláudio Figueiredo Torres

Tondela, Portugal, 

11 January 1939


Cláudio Torres

Academic degrees

2001, Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa, Évora University (Portugal)

1973, First-Degree in History and Art Theory, Bucarest University (Romania)

1976, First-Degree in History, University of Lisbon (Portugal)


Scientific and/or professional activities

1974 – 1984 - Lecturer of Medieval Art History at the School of Arts and Humanities of of the University of Lisbon, having taught the curricular units of Sociology of Art, Medieval Art History, History of Medieval Culture and Mentalities, Roots of Medieval Art, Medieval and Islamic Archaeology, Art History of the Classical, Paleo-Christian, Islamic and Byzantine Periods

Since 1978, Founder and Director of the Mértola Archaeological Site (CAM)

1984 – 1992, Member of Advisory Council of the Portuguese Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPPC), Ministry of Culture

1985 – 1996, Head of Socio-Cultural Department, Municipality of Mértola

1985, Member of the International Committee of Medieval Ceramics of the Western Mediterranean International Committee

1996 – 2002, President of the Guadiana Valley Natural Park (Portugal)

1996 – 2007, President of ICOMOS Portugal, International Commission on Monuments and Sites

1997 – 1998, Advisor to the Archaeological Commission of Andalucía

Since 1997, Member on the Advisory Committee of the Portuguese Institute of Archaeology (IPA), Ministry of Culture

Since 1998, Member of the Consultative Council of the Portuguese Institute of Architectural Heritage (IPPAR), Ministry of Culture

2001, Portugal’s Representative to UNESCO's World Heritage Committee

Since 2003, Lecturer of Museology at the master’s degree in Architecture and Heritage (MARPH), University of Seville

2003 – 2007, Principal Researcher of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) Research Unit, Campo Arqueológico de Mértola

Since 2007, Principal Researcher of the Centre for Archaeological Studies ( of the Universities of Coimbra and Porto with Mértola’s Archaeological Site (CAM). Since 2013 joined by University of Algarve

2007 – 2011, Member of the General Council of the University of Évora

2008 – 2011, Member of the General Council of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja

Since 2008, Member of the National Council of Culture of the Ministry of Culture

2009 Visiting Professor, University of Évora

Since 2011, Member of the Advisory Board to the Portuguese Directorate-General for Culture Heritage (DGPC), Ministry of Culture


Excavations, Missions, Exhibitions

Since 1978, Coordinator of archeological excavations in Mértola (Castle and Citadel, Paleo-Christian Basilica of Rossio do Carmo, Mosque/Mother Church and its square, Marques Duque Theatre, Municipal Library, Commercial Hub, Old Volunteer Fire Station, Nossa Senhora das Neves street, Beira Rio Lodge, Arrochela wall, etc.)

1987, Coordinator of the 4th Congress of Medieval Ceramics of the Western Mediterranean, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon

1987, Curator of the exhibition "Portuguese Islamic pottery" integrated in the 4th Congress of Medieval Ceramics of the Western Mediterranean, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon

1988, Organization and direction of the exhibition "Almoravid and Almohad Mértola", Bab Oudaya Art Gallery, Rabat, Morocco.

Since 1988, Responsible for the conception, museography and design of the units of the Mértola Museum Cláudio Torres, Municipality of Mértola.

Since 1990, Speaker at conferences, seminars, and workshops covering, among other subject-matters, art and Islamic archaeology – as well as Mediterranean civilization and cultures, and local development, held in Portugal and many European countries, in addition to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Brazil, and Cape Verde.

Since 1992, Founder and director of the scientific journal “Medieval Archaeology", published every year by the Mértola Archeological Site

1993, Responsible for the conception and texts of the Visigoth Museum, Regional Museum of Beja, Portugal.

1993, Organization of the Congress "Forms of inhabiting and eating in the Southern Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages", Mértola Archaeological Site.

1997 – 1999, Scientific Advisor to the Exhibition "Arab-Islamic Memories in Portugal" produced by the National Commission for the Commemoration of the Portuguese Discoveries (CNCDP).

1998, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Cultural Tourism programme "Moura Encantada", Directorate-General for Tourism, Portugal.

1998, Curator (in collaboration) of the traveling exhibition "Islam between rivers Tagus and Odiana", Museum of Mértola Cláudio Torres.

1998, Scientific Commissioner (in collaboration) of the exhibition "Islamic Portugal, the last signs of the Mediterranean", produced by the National Commission for the Commemoration of the Portuguese Discoveries (CNCDP) at the National Archeological Museum, Lisbon.

1999, Scientific Commissioner (in collaboration) of the exhibition "Portugal-Morocco, Mediterranean Gates", produced by the National Commission for the Commemoration of the Portuguese Discoveries (CNCDP), Museum of Contemporary Art, Tangier and Museum of Oudayas (Musée des Oudayas), Rabat, Morroco.

Since 2001, Member of the Scientific Council of the National Geographic Magazine Portugal

2005 – 2012, Coordinator of the Portuguese Network of the Euro Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, appointed by the Ministry of Culture.

2007, Coordinator of the Portuguese team of the virtual exhibition Discover Islamic Art, Museum with no Frontiers (MWNF).

2008, Organization of the Conference on Ecomuseums at São Jorge, Azores, Portugal.


Official recognitions and prizes

1991, Prémio Pessoa, the most important Portuguese award, given to people with an outstanding presence in arts, culture or science.

1993, Great Cross of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator awarded by the President of the Portuguese Republic.

1998, Medal for Cultural Merit awarded by the Portuguese Government, to the Mértola Archaeological Site (CAM)

2015, Prize of the Pontifical Academies, as Director of the Mértola Archaeological Site (CAM) awarded by Pope Francis.

2018, Medal for Scientific Merit awarded by Portugal’s Foundation for Science and Technology.

2019, Prize Sísifo a la Investigación, Defensa y Difusión del Património Arqueológico, in the Field of Archaeology Also, as Director of CAM, awarded by the University of Córdoba.

2020, Medal for Cultural Merit awarded by the Portuguese Government.

2021, Memory and Identity Award awarded by the Portuguese Association of Municipalities with Historical Centres.

2022, ICOM Portugal honoured him with a tribute and the Mértola Town Council approved a new name for its 14 museum nuclei – i.e., Museu de Mértola Cláudio Torres.


Scientific publications

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